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  • 60 Years Young

    Tonight all of us at Shapiro+Raj will walk down a red carpet into one of the country’s hottest clubs to celebrate our 60th Anniversary. ‘Dress to impress’ was the direction on the invitation and excitement is in the air. As we toast with a signature drink we are calling “Legacy” we will indeed revisit the […]

  • Apple or Samsung. Who Deserves Their Time in the Sun?

    There are car-lovers. There are art-lovers. There are gadget-lovers. A confession… I am a gadget-lover. Over the years, I have been an early adopter of every kind of new technology gadget. From getting the first Nintendo to getting the first pager (yes, aging myself here!) to the first flip phone to the first Blackberry (with […]

  • The Importance of a Complete Brand Experience

    I live in Chicago and I travel for business primarily out of O’Hare Airport on either United or American Airlines. As an incorrigible road warrior, I have top-tier status on both of these airlines so I choose to fly one or the other because they generally take decent care of me – care that includes: […]

  • Thank You and An Update

    Hello Friends and Colleagues, It has been a month since the launch of my new book, Marketing For Tomorrow, Not Yesterday: Surviving and Thriving in the Insight Economy™.  I wanted to reach out and thank all of you again for helping spread the word and for buying (and, reading) it.  Your support has helped make […]

  • The Passing of a Legend

    The original founder of Shapiro+Raj, Leo Shapiro, passed away on Monday at the incredible age of 94.  According to Crain’s Chicago  Business, “With supermarket Jewel Tea as his first client, Shapiro founded Leo J. Shapiro and Associates here in 1955, having learned how to apply market research concepts to government rationing policy during World War II. […]

  • Shopping for Shoes Made Simple. Now Made Possible in the Insight Economy™.

    This is my first blog post in almost three weeks. A number of readers have inquired as to the reason for this tardiness. Here’s why. I’ve been finalizing the manuscript for my next book. It’s titled Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday, and is scheduled to be released mid-September. I’m quite excited as I believe the […]

  • How Marketers Can Cope with Today’s Data Overload

    “Data, data, so much data…but no insights.” Finding insights from all this data is like finding a needle in a huge haystack. In a study done by the Boston Consulting Group among senior executives of companies with revenues of $1.5B+, they found that marketers in these companies are clearly tired of all the information coming […]