Starved for Time? Preview the Next Generation Shopping Experience in 3 Minutes

16 Nov, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
Direct Marketing News Web Editor Kevin McKeefery and I recently talked about the principles behind the next killer shopping experience. Since one of the issues covered is “being starved for time,” we developed a three-minute video ( to give you a solid summary. Find out more about these points:… Read More
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Winning Tomorrow’s Customers: #1 Delivering Value + Values

23 Oct, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
I spoke to two very different audiences at conferences last week. One was a global group of leading search consultants, and the second was a large group of retailers. My topic in both cases was “How your clients/you can win over the customers of tomorrow.” You’ll see my five-part… Read More
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Come see me speak in Dallas…

08 Sep, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
As most of you know, I am still settling into my new role at SolutionSet. I have declined a number of speaking opportunities during this period so I can focus on learning the business and connecting with the clients. One of the few opportunities I have accepted is to speak… Read More
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A different view on career progression

03 Aug, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
As I travelled around Spain on my recent annual vacation, I had a thought about career progressions. Inspired by how we got to some of the sights. Some on mountains were reached by stairs while others had winding roads that got us there. Two different ways. Similar destinations. I remember… Read More
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A New Beginning…

10 Jul, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
On July 1, I left a wonderful team and organization at Euro RSCG, where I spent the last six years, helping to rebuild the Chicago agency and then creating and building a successful digital, data and analytics company – Euro RSCG Discovery. I am going to lead an independent agency… Read More
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I thought my job was fun…

17 Jun, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
Until I met Monica. She is the tour director at Globus (a global tour operator) on our Spanish Fiesta tour. For all uninitiated, this is my annual family vacation this year. A tour of Spain, and the first tour ever for the Raj family. Normally for our vacations, we pick… Read More
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