How brands leverage our diverse passions: The Power of February’s Rituals

05 Feb, 2019 By: Zain Raj+
Last week I wrote about equity and its importance to the survival of both the brand and the business. The Sears saga brings the need to understand the importance of both financial and brand equity in a compelling manner. If you missed that post, here is the link: HOW… Read More
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28 Jan, 2019 By: Zain Raj+
This weekend, I was at a dinner with a very eclectic group of people.  Some doctors, some lawyers, quite a few finance folks and one marketing guy… I’m sure you guessed who.  As you would expect, the discussion bounced from the government shutdown to the new Governor of Illinois; from… Read More
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The 2018 Global Marketer of the Year… Who Will It Be?

22 Jan, 2019 By: Zain Raj+
What makes a person worthy to be labeled as Global Marketer of the Year?  The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), in partnership with The Drum has launched the 2018 WFA Global Marketer of the Year award to once again highlight the role that regional and global marketers… Read More
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A Certified Minority Business Enterprise… What It Really Means.

16 Jan, 2019 By: Zain Raj+
On December 11th, Shapiro+Raj was officially certified as a Minority Business Enterprise, which will allow us to help all our clients achieve their supplier diversity goals and initiatives.  We’re especially grateful to one of our clients, who encouraged us to pursue this certification – and who offered us the services… Read More
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The Truth About Experience

07 Jan, 2019 By: Zain Raj+
In recent years, Experience has become a fashionable word. A lot of people in marketing, and business in general for that matter, are even treating it like a new word. It’s not. Experiences have been a hallmark, even a trademark, of how brands have built themselves for a long time… Read More
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Building the Next Generation Research Consultancy

18 Sep, 2018 By: Zain Raj+
Over the last week, I’ve heard from many of you. Some calls with congratulations on the Wygant & Co. acquisition and others with surprise and confusion about the transition of our Qualitative Fieldwork Practice to the Schlesinger Group. These calls and notes made me realize that while these changes have… Read More
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