How Sears Can Become Relevant Again: And, It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Data Or Digital.

03 Dec, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
© Clarita In 1888, “The R.W. Sears Watch Co.” used a printed mailer to advertise watches and jewelry. Direct mail was born. A few years later in 1894, Richard Sears himself illustrated the cover of the very first Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog, which he declared the “Book… Read More
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How Big Data Matters (or doesn’t) in the Insight Economy

22 Oct, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
Photo Credit: Leonardo Rizzi My last two blog posts have been about the evolution from the Information Economy to the Insight Economy. Unlike the past where marketers used data to improve their business and enhance their marketing,… Read More
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Sound Bite Society

30 Jun, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
“In a Sound Bite Society, we know intuitively that no one nugget of content can possibly provide enough information for us to make an informed choice. The trick, we learn, is to string together a succession of sound bites that, taken together, convey some sense of assurance that… Read More
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The Decathlete Generation

19 Jun, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
The most recent weekly Research Brief from The Center for Media Research had yet another favorite topic of mine. The brief titled, C-Sweet or C-Suites?, addresses an issue I have been talking about for quite a while – the need for senior business executives to… Read More
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How Consistency Creates Brand Rituals™

28 May, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
Ah, Memorial Day Weekend… for many of us it signals the start of summer. For some of us, it’s the first three-day weekend since the holidays and a much needed break. For all of us, it’s a time to remember and be thankful for our brave men and… Read More
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Myth #4: the New Key to Building Brands Is Social Media

15 Jan, 2014 By: Zain Raj+
For those of you who have been reading these blog excerpts from my book, Brand Rituals™: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life, this is one myth I have had to modify a bit from the original publication. It is still not the key to building brands –… Read More
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