As most of you know, I am still settling into my new role at SolutionSet. I have declined a number of speaking opportunities during this period so I can focus on learning the business and connecting with the clients. One of the few opportunities I have accepted is to speak at this year’s Texas A&M Retailing Summit on October 7, in Dallas, Texas.

This year’s event will showcase presentations from premier national retailers including Rachel Bishop of Walgreens, Sid Keswani of Target and Tony Rogers of Wal-Mart. They will discuss the evolution of the American consumer. It’s an honor to be among the conference speakers, and a special thanks to the Texas A&M Center for Retailing Studies for inviting me to represent all of the smart and talented people behind SolutionSet that work on retail and ecommerce marketing solutions every day.

For more details or to register, check out the event website:

As I prepare my speech, “Tomorrow’s Customers – How Will You Serve Them”, I’ve been considering that GenYers in the 25-43 year old age group are going to comprise a third of the audience pool within the next few years. This new generation has been raised on technology. Seventy-five percent of them are on Facebook, with an average network of 440 friends. They are better educated than their predecessors. And, for the most part, they are more environmentally responsible than previous generations. But most importantly, this new generation of shoppers shops in a different way. Unlike previous generations, they trust their peers over marketing and advertising. They have spent their whole life being promoted to and the old ways of marketing our brands needs to be adapted to a new consumer and its needs.

So this is what’s on my mind lately, finding the killer shopping experience for the next generation.

Thoughts welcome.

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