Is the Digital Ecosystem the Future of Retail?

05 Mar, 2011 By: Zain Raj+
The regime change in Egypt and the protests across the Middle East have added to the hype on social media. I am one of digital’s biggest fans. But to say that Facebook and Twitter are in some way responsible for these developments is an exaggeration. Yet I find the… Read More
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Tomorrow’s Customer – How Will You Win Them Over?

18 Mar, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the NRF’s Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, everyone was talking about the tremendous impact the digital world has on retail marketing (and marketers). I addressed this topic in my presentation,… Read More
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Poor Customer Service – Dulling the Sheen on an Otherwise Lustrous Brands

10 Feb, 2010 By: Zain Raj+
These past couple of weeks, I have been dealing with customer service issues with two separate companies. While they are both very successful, very different brands, my experiences have been equally unpleasant. In my mind, as a customer, these events have essentially taken the “shine” off two otherwise “shiny” brands. Read More
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The Smarter Approach To Marketing

23 Nov, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
Just saw a news story on Ad Age. It is titled “Will Retailers or Consumers Come Out on Top on Black Friday?” The story references how Sears, Kmart and other retailers have begun holiday sales ahead of time as shoppers start early, searching for deals. According… Read More
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Back-to-School Budgets: Not Just For Parents

13 Aug, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
This year’s back-to-school shopping season will be quite different than years past, thanks to the focus on the economic recession and saving money. For retailers, back-to-school season is considered the second most important shopping season of the year (behind the holidays) and is often used to predict second half sales. Read More
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Is Smarter Spending Here to Stay?

17 Jun, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
The current recession is on everyone’s minds right now – business leaders, politicians, marketers and consumers alike. Constant reminders of economic doom in our professional and personal lives have clearly changed the way we behave. Consumers are shopping differently. They are acting more frugal, researching each purchase and avoiding impulse… Read More
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