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Brand Rituals

Savvy business leaders and smart marketers realize that the twentieth-century model of brand marketing no longer works in today’s digital-led economy. Marketing today requires a clear change in perspective — from just driving acquisition of new consumers to a prioritized focus on retention and loyalty of existing customers.

In Brand Rituals: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life, Zain Raj — a recognized leader in the marketing and strategy space — posits that companies and their brands have the ability to drive significant business impact by creating a bond with their most loyal customers. Raj calls this a Brand Ritual, a deep, abiding relationship that customers build with brands — which becomes an integral part of their lives.

The book discusses how it’s no longer about consumer beliefs; it’s all about customer behavior. It challenges the five existing marketing myths that no longer serve us and provides a clearly defined four-stage approach to a Brand Ritual:

Get the initial transaction with a New Value Equation

Magnify consumer attraction by being digital at the core

Build connections with relevant innovations and experiences

Create a bond by aligning on core values. A higher number of bonded customers is not only possible but absolutely 
necessary if you and your company want to create sustainable brands that defy competitors for decades



~ Ambi Parameswaran

“Zain has managed to capture the essence of what will be the bedrock of sucessful brand building for the coming decade: brands have to become a part of consumer’s lives. What can a brand do to become an integral part of the dialogue, the engagement, the enrichment of customer’s lives? The challenges, the issues and the opportunities are what the book is all about. A very compact compendium of some very valuable lessons, from a veteral who has seen it all.”

~ Cat

“Brand Rituals recognizes that the traditional advertising model is antiquated. It clearly outlines a new approach based not on GRP’s and reach and frequency, but gaining consumer trust and brand interaction. Brand Rituals is the new guide to marketing and a blue print for brand success in the 21st Century. Having the pleasure of working with Zane as the President of Hyper Marketing Inc., the Company that Zane is the CEO, I can attest to the fact that Brand Rituals is just not a book that Zane has composed, but a core tenet of Hyper Marketing Inc. Brand Rituals is a must read.”

~ Jatinder Singh

“Zain Raj continues to be at the forefront of marketing innovation, and is someone who has his finger on the pulse. Brand Rituals shows how the definition of “value” has changed—that consumers control the conversation, and that they no longer want to be sold to. It goes on to provide a pragmatic road map for building “value” in this new world economy via the creation of emotional bonds that drive habitual behavior; brand rituals. A terrific read for all marketer—from interns, to planners, to brand managers, to CMOs.”

~ Kimberly Michaelson

“Zain Raj is a visionary whose voice offers critical insight to help all marketers take an important leap forward. It is inspiring to read the words of such an inspiring leader and I will implement these practices as a change agent in my own organization.”


“Zain provides a fascinating look inside the evolution of his thinking about brands and advertising. Readers walk away with a framework for understanding the position of their brands, and also some thought provoking insights about the role that digital communications and consumer habits/beliefs has on a company’s ultimate success.”