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The Pyramid Puzzle

This captivating parable offers a novel approach with real-world application. It takes you on the journey of a successful company that has lost its way. Stuck on profit-first values and mired in a culture of apathy, the company is struggling to keep up with the competition.

Everything changes when they bring on a new CEO, Skip Collinsworth, who teams up with a business professor, a student Olympic athlete, and a philosophy doctoral candidate. Together, they draw on proven social science principles, ancient Indian wisdom, and modern-day management approaches, to transform the company.

This riveting journey is more than a tale of corporate revival; it’s a leadership manual hidden within an absorbing narrative. As you follow the characters’ journey and cheer for their triumphs, you’ll learn valuable human-centered principles that drive business success. ‘The Pyramid Puzzle’ isn’t just a book, it’s an education, guaranteed to both entertain and enlighten. Get your copy today!



~ Latrice Abanyie

Head of Insights, Analytics and Forecasting (CVRM) at AstraZeneca
“Just as each stone in a pyramid relies on the others, trust binds together all the constituents in a business. The Pyramid Puzzle reveals how trust defines the interconnected path to growth in a captivating tale that weaves practical wisdom seamlessly into an impactful and easy-to-read story.”

~ Howard Heckes

President and Chief Executive Officer at Masonite International

“In an age where trust is both scarce and essential, ‘The Pyramid Puzzle’ presents a synthesis of modern management principles and ancient wisdom, equipping readers with the tools to foster trust and catalyze profound transformation.”

~ Gary Hendrickson

Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Azek Company

“Drawing on the rich tapestry of social science, ancient wisdom, and management principles, ‘The Pyramid Puzzle’ reveals how trust serves as the linchpin for effective leadership, collaboration, and organizational transformation.”

~ Jennifer Renaud

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Masonite International
“In ‘The Pyramid Puzzle’ you will step into a world where business principles come alive through a compelling narrative. This new breed of business book proves that transformative insights can be delivered in an engaging and easy-to-read story format.”

~ Mohan Sawhney

Associate Dean for Digital Innovation, McCormick Foundation Professor of Technology at the Kellogg School of Management
“Trust is the spark that ignites the flames of transformation. The Pyramid Puzzle provides the key to unlocking its true potential to help businesses grow in today’s continually changing landscape.”