Back-to-School Budgets: Not Just For Parents

13 Aug, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
This year’s back-to-school shopping season will be quite different than years past, thanks to the focus on the economic recession and saving money. For retailers, back-to-school season is considered the second most important shopping season of the year (behind the holidays) and is often used to predict second half sales. Read More
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Extreme Makeover: Brand Edition

29 Jun, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
When it comes to brands and their positioning and packaging, marketers get bored of them long before consumers even get used to them. Unlike their customers, marketers think about, talk about and look at their brand all day long. Even the most loyal customers don’t have this kind of relationship. Read More
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Is Smarter Spending Here to Stay?

17 Jun, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
The current recession is on everyone’s minds right now – business leaders, politicians, marketers and consumers alike. Constant reminders of economic doom in our professional and personal lives have clearly changed the way we behave. Consumers are shopping differently. They are acting more frugal, researching each purchase and avoiding impulse… Read More
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Practice What You Preach

02 Jun, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
It is always important to practice what you preach, especially when it comes to marketing. A fundamental example of this is a direct marketing piece I created and sent out this past month. The piece was basically a box designed to hold a cell phone with my telephone number programmed… Read More
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Webinar This Thursday, May 7th

04 May, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
I will be conducting a free webinar this Thursday, May 7th at 12:00 pm CST / 1:00 pm EST. In the webinar, I will talk about the new approach to marketing that I call Brand Rituals™. If you would like to attend, please email me for additional information. Read More
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Targeting Teens During A Recession

01 May, 2009 By: Zain Raj+
It looks like anxiety over today’s economy has spread to a younger demographic. While in the past, young consumers were relatively recession-resistant, today’s teens are adjusting their buying behaviors accordingly. This shift highlights the difference between this generation of youngsters and generations before them. In 2006, Euro RSCG Worldwide conducted… Read More
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